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Before you set foot into any one of the many unique dining rooms at House Of Embers, you know you’re in a special place. The newspaper and magazine clippings and pictures of yesteryear won’t let you forget about the history and excellent food. As a fine family tradition, House Of Embers has remained a family run restaurant since 1959.

When the new restaurant opened, it was summer so there was not a need for the coat room that had been built. Barbara decided that they didn’t need to put coats in there. People came in and asked for a quiet room, so it became the quiet room. A table was added to the closet, and the now infamous, two person Omar Shariff room has been site to an estimated 500 marriage proposals. Barbara loved decorating and she loved Omar Shariff — star of “Doctor Zhivago,” “Lawrence of Arabia,” “Funny Girl” and other films — so that became the room’s theme.

The intimate room was a success and about five years later the Oboises created another room: The Rudolph Valentino room. An alcohol storage room next to the Lounge was downsized to create the room, and Barbara stuck with the movie theme.

Around 1980 a third specialty room, later named the Humphrey Bogart room, was formed from an alcove in the restaurant. The room continued the movie theme, and hosts an original movie poster from “Battle Circus”. The restaurant’s other rooms are the Ben Franklin Room, named after the Ben Franklin stove in the room; the Tiffany Room complete with a dual-sided fireplace; the Lounge, which has pictures of movie stars and a young shot of Barbara behind the bar; and the enclosed Veranda Room, which was added to the restaurant’s facade in 1992 for more seating and a new look.

Omar Shariff Room

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